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Hot Off The Press

Foundation 2018 Year End Report

Dear Friends of English Springer Spaniels:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the English Springer Foundation, I would like to thank you for your support of the Foundation. We have had a busy and successful year due in large part to that support.

Last year, we launched the Comprehensive English Springer Health Survey. The survey was open through July 2017, and we received submissions for over 8,000 dogs! We are thrilled with this response and thank everyone that participated. We have now analyzed that data and the results are available on the Foundation website at www.englishspringerfoundation.org. The good news is that the breed is very healthy overall, with ear and skin problems reported most often. The data on deceased dogs showed that the largest percentage of deaths were due to cancer. We encourage you to consider sending a tissue sample to the Cancer Tissue Bank that we maintain with the University of Missouri. Those samples will help future canine cancer researchers. The tissue collection and submission information is on the website.

Following an AKC CHF organized roundtable discussion with leading researchers in PRA in dogs, we worked with CHF to move forward with additional PRA research. Dr. Gerald Bell agreed to work with us as a consultant and prepared a report on the current state of research and the incidence of PRA in the breed. That report is available on the website. In addition, CHF prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) which was sent to the scientific community in late summer 2018. Proposals are undergoing peer review, and a joint committee made up of CHF and Foundation Board members will determine the final grants. The Foundation will fund up to $100,000 to take the next research steps. This project would not have been possible without the continued support of Springer owners. Thank you!
Another new project, a Memorial Garden, was launched in early 2018 on the Foundation website. In addition to your annual year-end gifts, The Garden provides a special opportunity to memorialize people and dogs that are special to you. Instructions for making Memorial Garden donations are on the website if you are interested.
In July, the Foundation sponsored another very successful Breeder Showcase at the National Specialty show. Fanciers gathered to share information about breeding programs, to meet dogs, and to discuss the future of our breed.
While much has been accomplished in 2018, there is still much to be done to assure a healthy future for our beloved breed. May we count on your support for the coming year? Your year-end gifts provide funds for research; new opportunities to remember and celebrate our breed’s wonderful dogs and people; and an online virtual library of our archived material – among other important priorities through our Science and General Funds.
Your support is important so please make your year-end gift today, either by mail or online using the Donate Now button on the website. You can specify how you would like your donation to be used. Visit our Foundation’s website for more information of interest to fans of the breed. Register as a friend of the website. Your help is, as always, a BIG part of our success.
On behalf of English Springer friends and fans
everywhere, thank you so much!

Nancy R Johnson
Nancy R. Johnson
President, English Springer Foundation

Your gifts are tax deductible to the limits described by law. The English Springer Foundation is the operating name of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association Foundation,

Health Survey Data Summary

Here is a summary of the Health Survey data (without the “behavior” piece). Overall, the news is great – we have an overall healthy breed that lives for a fairly long time with ear and skin problems more than anything else.  The data was manipulated by turning the absolute numbers into percentages – you will see lots of 0% because 4 cases out of 6000 is vanishingly small.  The data is also expressed relative to males and females. Some interesting observations are that females tend to have greater problems with incontinence than males – especially after neutering; but males have kennel cough more often than females. Also interesting was the outcome that of those dogs developing PRA, 66% were females.   More analysis of the information will occur as time goes on.

The “Live data” are the responses from people about dogs who were alive at the time of the survey and the “deceased” data are the responses about dogs who had died in the recent past.  Different data can be gleaned from both documents.  Cancer, when it occurs, is generally an end of life disease (average age of death 10.6 years with Lymphoma, the most common canine neoplasia, resulting in death at 8.7 yrs.)

Our females are living to an average of 11.4 years and our males to 10.3 (the medians are each about a year later).  A drawn out distribution and range would show a median age of 12 years for the girls (meaning that 50% are older than that going out to 18)!  The median for the boys was 11 with the upper limit being 17.

There are few reports (relatively speaking) of cancer in the living data. That may reflect that by the time hemangiosarcoma and osteosarcoma are diagnosed the dogs don’t live for very long, and also that treatment is still expensive and invasive and most owners seem to be opting for quality of life.  Dogs with temperament problems or seizure disorder are being euthanized at earlier ages and not counted in the ‘live data’.  Conditions like tick diseases are not well represented in the live data either.

Severely incomplete records were eliminated. You will see some information about disease or illness in some cases, but no information regarding the dog’s sex.  The University of Missouri tried to perfect some records where registration numbers were provided by checking AKC data.

The Foundation is extremely appreciative of all the Springer owners who took the time to fill out the survey. Please provide your comments and questions.    English Springer Spaniel Health Survey Data – Finalcli (1)

Data recap:  http://englishspringerfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Recap-with-Detail.pdf






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The English Springer Foundation is a tax exempt charity raising contributions to support education and research. Your donations solve Springer health challenges and provide educational resources for admirers of the breed around the world. Explore the web site to learn more about what we do, including funds that support research on PRA, epilepsy, and cancer. Our English Springer DNA Bank is the largest of any recognized breed in the world and has helped researchers to discover disease-causing genes. We also support (in partnership with the breed’s national parent club) the collection and display of the National English Springer Archives.

Donations may be made electronically by clicking on the DonateNow button.  If you prefer to mail a contribution, please use the following link for a form and mailing instructions: http://englishspringerfoundation.org/giving/donation-formDonate Now →

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