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The comprehensive English Springer Spaniel Health Survey is now available! Please go to the link to start the survey. Each dog you own requires a separate submission. The survey submissions are going to a third party; the Foundation will only get the data on the conditions reported. Some FAQs are posted on the Foundation website to answer many of the questions you may have, but please contact us if you have questions or problems with the survey.  The survey can be accessed at the following link https://goo.gl/JxQwRf The link for the FAQ’s is http://englishspringerfoundation.org/health-projects/surveys

This survey will provide a “snapshot” of the breed since it includes healthy dogs as well as those diagnosed with various listed conditions. Please only report those conditions that were diagnosed by a veterinarian. In addition, there is a mortality section to track the cause of death (including old age) for Springers who died from January 2012 to the present. The results of this survey will allow the Foundation to determine what health studies to support or institute well into the future. The future health of our breed is in our hands – please support this effort by taking the survey. Thanks!





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The English Springer Foundation is a tax exempt charity raising contributions to support education and research. Your donations solve Springer health challenges and provide educational resources for admirers of the breed around the world. Explore the web site to learn more about what we do, including funds that support research on PRA, epilepsy, and cancer. Our English Springer DNA Bank is the largest of any recognized breed in the world and has helped researchers to discover disease-causing genes. We also support (in partnership with the breed’s national parent club) the collection and display of the National English Springer Archives.

Donations may be made electronically by clicking on the DonateNow button.  If you prefer to mail a contribution, please use the following link for a form and mailing instructions: http://wp45.hostgator.com/~waaynw0aaomk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/DONATION-FORM-2015.pdfDonate Now →

Your contributions are needed, welcome, and appreciated.

  • Contributions ensure English Springer health for the future by funding important research and health initiatives here in the US and in partnership with other nations.
  • Contributions support our web publications of current, relevant, and interesting health and scientic information for you and other English Springer fans around the world.
  • Contributions provide the English Springer Academy, a source for learning about breed history, function, structure, and purpose as one of the greatest upland game hunters and as a beloved family companion.