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English Springer Spaniel News

Dear Fellow Springer Spaniel Owners and Breeders:

We need your help!  The ESS Foundation was contacted by Dr. Steven Friedenberg at the University of Minnesota Veterinary school.  In collaboration with a critical care vet at the University of Wisconsin, they want to identify English Springer Spaniels who experienced SIGNIFICANT BLEEDING, either as the result of TRAUMA OR SURGICAL EVENTS (for example, spay/neuter) that can not be explained by typical blood clotting tests.

The case of interest was a six month old ESS who presented with significant bleeding post spay as a result of a defect in the fibrinolytic (clotting) system.  Whole genome sequencing of DNA revealed a mutation at a location typically related to clotting.  Dr. Friedenberg and his colleague need to obtain additional blood samples of affected dogs to prove their hypothesis.

If you have a dog or are aware of a dog that meets this criteria, your help is critically needed!  Please reach out to me (liz.westringágmail.com) and Dr. Friedenberg (fried255@umn.edu) to make arrangements for obtaining a DNA sample. He may also ask for pedigree information, if available, as family units can provide valuable information.

We appreciate your support!

Liz Westring Pike

ESS Foundation President



Announcement regarding Contributions

September 13, 2021


The English Springer Foundation has completed a change to our new contribution platform Bloomerang.  We appreciate your patience during this change. We are excited about the possibilities the new platform will give us!

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Your contributions are needed, welcome, and appreciated.

  • Contributions ensure English Springer health for the future by funding important research and health initiatives here in the US and in partnership with other nations.
  • Contributions support our web publications of current, relevant, and interesting health and scientific information for you and other English Springer fans around the world.
  • Contributions provide the English Springer Academy, a source for learning about breed history, function, structure, and purpose as one of the greatest upland game hunters and as a beloved family companion.

To contribute click on this link:  Donation Forms

Your gifts are tax deductible to the limits described by law. The English Springer Foundation is the operating name of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association Foundation, Inc., a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the State of Wisconsin (Tax ID 39- 1824118).

Canine Health News

Announcements of interest in Canine Health News

The English Springer Spaniel Foundation & the Parent Club, ESSFTA,
through your generocity support the Tick-Borne Disease Inititave.

Read the latest update from AKC/CHF.

APRIL, 2021  AKC Canine Health Foundation | Tick-Borne Disease Initiative (akcchf.org)