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Are you looking for the Springer Health Survey? It’s coming . . . just a bit later than we planned. We’re testing it now, and we plan to launch the survey soon. Visit this page often for updates. If you’d like to receive more information, provide your email address via email to the following address:  info@englishspringerfoundation.org

English Springer Health Survey

From the report by Dr. Lawrence Schwartz, Foundation Vice President for Science and Research: “A breed health survey will assess the state of health of the breed in the US and Canada during the coming year. This survey will mirror a survey recently completed in the UK and, in addition to looking at the health of our domestic Springers, will enable us to compare us to the state of health in the UK. Springers are the third most popular breed in the UK and a very large and statistically significant response rate was achieved. We are attempting to duplicate this response rate but doing so will require developing lists of current Springers from the AKC, CKC, The Parent Club, local conformation and field trial organizations, rescue organizations and veterinarians. The survey protocol will be that of the UK survey with some changes to reflect our domestic concerns.”

Current plans have the Foundation launching the survey in time for the National Specialty.

English Springer Spaniel Foundation to participate in the Canine Health Foundation PRA Collaborative.

In response to a request from Samantha Wright, Program Manager for the AKC Canine Health Foundation we are proud to announce that we will be one of the five breeds participating in the CHF PRA Collaborative, headed by researcher, Dr. Cathryn Mellersh, BSc, PhD. The collaborative is for “the identification of genetic mutations responsible for progressive retinal atrophy”. Two of the other breeds identified at this time are Poodles and Old English Sheepdogs. Once all contracts with the participating breed clubs and the researchers have been executed a formal press release will be issued.

Canine Cancer Tissue Bank is now a reality.

From the report by Dr. Lawrence Schwartz, Foundation Vice President for Science and Research: “The Springer Cancer Tissue Bank is now a reality. Housed at the University of Missouri under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Bryan, the Bank will store tissues from cancer tumors and blood from affected Springers for research into causes and treatments of Springer cancer in perpetuity. The Springer Foundation will be helping to start the collection of samples for the Bank by completely covering the veterinary, shipping and Tissue Bank fees for the first 100 samples submitted. Further information and collection kits are available from Jennifer Schnabel, schnabelj@health.missouri.edu .”

Change of Address for Foundation Treasurer

Please note the new address for the Foundation Treasurer, Marti Nickoli, English Springer Spaniel Foundation Treasurer, 5058 Charleston Dr SE, Salem, OR 97317

E-mail address remains the samesprngr3@aol.com


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The English Springer Foundation is a tax exempt charity raising contributions to support education and research. Your donations solve Springer health challenges and provide educational resources for admirers of the breed around the world. Explore the web site to learn more about what we do, including funds that support research on PRA, epilepsy, and cancer. Our English Springer DNA Bank is the largest of any recognized breed in the world and has helped researchers to discover disease-causing genes. We also support (in partnership with the breed’s national parent club) the collection and display of the National English Springer Archives.Donate Now →

Your contributions are needed, welcome, and appreciated.

  • Contributions ensure English Springer health for the future by funding important research and health initiatives here in the US and in partnership with other nations.
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