Officers & Board Members

Officers and Directors

President Nancy Johnson
 Past President  Kelly Priestley
VP, Science and Research Dr. Lawrence Schwartz
Assistant VP, Science and Research Dr. Virginia Huxley
VP, Communications/Outreach Megan Armstrong
VP, International Relations Francie Nelson
Secretary Liz Pike
Treasurer Marti Nickoli

Liaison Directors

Conformation/Performance Marilyn Burke
Field Don Mock
Genetics & Health Committee Bonnie Massie

At Large Directors

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019
Mark Haglin Susanne Burgess Ron Haag
David Hopkins Elizabeth Pike Francie Nelson
Laurin Howard Teresa Patton Erin Kerfoot
 Connie Kieckhefer Marti Nickoli Dr. Larry Schwartz
 Kelly Priestley  David Sanford Richard Vermazen

ESSFTA Foundation Committees & Task Forces

  • Council of Scientific Advisors
  • Nominating Committee
  • Friends of the English Springer Spaniel (gifts of $500 or less)
  • Major Gifts (amounts greater than $500)
  • Springer Heritage Society Committee (bequests and planned gifts)
  • PRA Fund Drive Task Force
  • Joint Archives Task Force
  • Bird Dog Museum Liaisons
  • Joint Open Forum Planning Committee
  • Investments Committee
  • Development Task Force