Field Trial Memories

We now have catalogs starting in 1924, the First Field Trial Meeting , through 1930.

A catalog is for the 23rd “Meeting” of the English Springer Field Trial Association. A field trial was held on Fisher’s Island, for both cockers and springers in October, 1946.

Exerpt from the First Annual National Championship for English Springer Spaniels, Herrin,ILLINOIS, DEC. 12-13-14, 1947

It is entirely fitting that the first National Championship Field Trial for
English Springer Spaniels should be sponsored by The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, the Parent Club of the Breed in the United States.
When this Association was formed in 1924 there were few Springers in the United States and no field trials for the breed, Since that time, under the wise and benevolent leadership of the Parent Association there are now many thousands of Springers used as gun dogs each autumn and there were in 1946 some twenty-two trials herd for the breed where championship points were awarded, Thus the Springer Spaniel, youngest of all gun dog breeds in this country, has made rapid strides and established itself as a leading contender for the title of all around gun dog, under the leadership of the Parent Association, This first National Field Trial meeting for English Springer Spaniels is a sincere attempt to establish by equitable and sporting means the National Champion dog or bitch in the United States, The only restriction on contestants for the title being that they must have previously placed first, second, third or fourth during the calendar year, in a Trial for the breed in this country where championship points are awarded.
It is the purpose of this Trial to determine the best Springer of the year under the usual and customary trial procedures” but ‘covering more trial days and more series per dog, in order that consist ant, outstanding, dog work over the entire trial may be demonstrated and the element of luck eliminated as nearly as possible in the final judging of all contestants, Thus no trick or unusual tests will be allowed and the dogs will be tested in a manner approximating a rough days, shoot adjoining water as closely as is possible with planted game, There will be a minimum of five land series and two water series and the winning and placing dogs will be required
to complete all series to receive an award, The trophy for the best amateur
handler in the trials will be awarded only in the event that the recipient is able to complete all series required of the winning and placing dogs.

1925 2nd Field Trial Meeting  1925 Field Trial Meeting


1947 National Championship Field Trial. NationalOpen1947-1st
1947 ESS First Annual National Championship Dec 12-14 1947
1948 National Championship Field Trial. NationalOpen1948-2nd
1948 ESS-National-Championship-Field-Trial-Dec-10-12-1948
1949 National-Championship-Stake-Dec-9-11-1949
1950 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-8-10-1950
1952 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-5-7-1952
1953 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-4-6-1953
1954 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-National-Amateur-Shooting-Dog-Stake-Dec-2-5-1954
1955 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-National-Amateur-Shooting-Dog-Stake-Dec-1-4-1955
1958 English-Springer-Spaniel-National-Championship-Stake-Nov-21-22-23-1958
1959 English-Springer-Spaniel-National-Championship-Stake-Nov-20-21-22-1959.pdf
1960 English-Springer-Spaniel-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-2-3-4-1960.pdf
1962 English-Springer-Spaniel-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-1-2-3-1961.pdf
1963 the first national amateur championship was held. NationalAmat1963-1st
1964 the second national amateur championship. NationalAmat1964-2nd
1966 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-1-3-1966.pdf
1967 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-7-9-1967.pdf
1968 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-5-7-1968.pdf
1969 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-4-6-1969.pdf
1970 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Dec-3-5-1970.pdf
1971 National-Championship-Stake-Dec-2-4-1971.pd
1972 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-Nov-30-Dec-1-2-1972.pdf
1973 ESS-National-Stake-Nov-29-Dec-1-1973.pdf
1977 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1977.pdf 
1978 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1978.pdf
1979 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1979.pdf
1980 ESS-National-Championship-stake-1980.pd
1981 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1981.pdf
1982 -ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1982.pd
1983 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1983.pdf
1984 1984-National-open-championship.pdf
1985 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1985.pd
1986 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1986.pdf
1987 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1987.pdf
1988 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1988.pdf
1989 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1989.pd
1990 National-Open-Championship-1990.pdf
1992 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1992.pdf
1993 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1993.pdf
1995 Natinal-Championship-Stake-1995.pdf
1996 ESS-National-Championship-1996.pdf
1997 ESS-National-Championship-Stake-1997.pdf
1998 ESS-National-Stake-1998.pdf
1999 ESS-National-Open-Championship-1999.pdf
2004 ESS-National-Open-Championship-2004.pdf
2005 ESS-National-Open-Championship-2005.pdf
2008 National Open ChampionshipNOCcatalog2008
2012 ESS-National-Open-Championship-2012.pdf
2013 National Amateur Running Order RunningOrderNAC2013
2013 National Open Running OrderNOC2013RunningOrder
2013 Spring Field Trial PlacementsSpring-2013-English-Springer-Spaniel-Field-Trial-Placements
2013 Fall Field Trial Placements Fall-2013-English-Springer-Spaniel-Field-Trial-Placements
2014 National Amateur Championship NationalAmat2014reduced
2014 National Open Championship NationalOpen2014reduced
2015 National Amateur Championship 2015 NAC
2015 National Open Championship 2015 NOC
2016 National Amateur Championship 2016 NAC final
2016 National Open /championship 2016 NOC final
2017 National Amateur Championship NAC 2017 final
2017 National Open Championship NOC 2017 final
2018 National Amateur Championship 2018 NAC Final
2018 National Open Championship  2018 NOC Final
2019 National Amateur Championship   2019 NAC Final
2019 National Open Championship  2019 NOC Final

2020 National Amateur Championship 2020 NAC Final

2020 National Open Championship 2020 NOC Final

2021 National Amateur Championship 2021 NAC

2021 National Open Championship 2021 NOC Final

2022 National Amateur Championship 2022 NAC catalog

2022 National Open Championship 2022NOCBooklet_LowResolution-1.pdf

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