Established at the University of Missouri through the efforts of Dr. Gary S. Johnson, the English Springer Spaniel DNA Bank provides storage and record keeping for more than 7,000 samples of genetic material extracted from whole blood that is collected from individual English Springers.  A collaborative agreement between the University’s laboratory and the Foundation makes it possible for breeders and owners to have blood samples collected from their dogs, shipped to the DNA Bank, and then utilized for English Springer research projects.  English Springer DNA from all over the world is stored in the Bank, representing conformation, field trial, hunting, obedience, and pet dogs.  Owners retain a percentage “share” of banked genetic material, which is also available for use by other research institutions. It is believed that the English Springer DNA Bank contains the largest number of individual genetic samples for any recognized breed anywhere in the world.


The goal of the Tissue Bank is to obtain specimens of any type of cancer. Use of this tissue in research projects will allow for the determination of biomarkers to identify cancers early and to develop drugs and other cures. The Foundation will be working with the University as tissue is submitted to determine what additional information can be disseminated to assist owners and veterinarians with the collection and shipment procedures.