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Training after Bristol 564

In 1996, three long time English Springer enthusiasts took to heart a discussion held early that year at an annual meeting of national springer club members.  That discussion was focused on the breed’s health challenges. Informal talks began, and later that year, the English Springer Spaniel Foundation was incorporated as a tax exempt charity – to receive and re-grant funds for English Springer health, genetic research, and education.  Foundation funds can also benefit purebred dogs in general.  Since its early days, the English Springer Foundation has been governed by an active, passionate board of directors, assisted by a council of scientific advisors, scientific protocols, and a peer review process for the screening of applications for funds.

If you would like to support the foundation, donations may be sent to:
Marti Nickoli
Treasurer, ESSFTAF
5058 Charleston Dr SE
Salem, OR 97317