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September, 2012



Recognizing the prevalence, variety, and personal, painful struggles with cancer in English Springer Spaniels, the English Springer Spaniel Foundation’s Board is seeking donations to undertake five initiatives to help inform and educate owners and veterinarians and to provide support for owners  experiencing this serious challenge to breed health.

The Foundation proposes to:

  1. FUND RELEVANT, TIMELY RESEARCH PROJECTS: The Foundation’s health surveys have identified cancer as a priority; the Foundation will seek – proactively – to provide high-impact grant support for research projects that may have a positive and practical impact on cancers found in English Springer Spaniels.
  2. ESTABLISH LINKS TO THE BEST INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR OWNERS AND BREEDERS: The Foundation will gather helpful information about cancer (both general information and specific to certain prevalent cancers in our breed) that can be easily located and easily understood by non-scientists. A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’S) will be developed. Unless it is proprietary, all information will be downloadable from the Foundation’s website. Bulletins and updates will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.
  3.  ESTABLISH LINKS TO THE MOST CURRENT RESEARCH INFORMATION FOR VETERINARIANS: The Foundation will provide links to the most current scientific information and research for veterinarians, in collaboration with research institutions and other service organizations. Owners will be able to direct their veterinarians to the most relevant scientific information on cancer research through links available on the Foundation’s web site.
  4.  FORM AN INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT NETWORK: The Foundation will establish a means through which owners and breeders can support and inform one another.  We will establish and provide a way for owners of cancer-affected Springers to find and correspond with others who can be helpful, empathetic, and informative.
  5.  PROVIDE SMALL INDIVIDUAL GRANTS TO SUPPORT ADVANCED OR EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENTS: The Foundation, through donations for this purpose, will, for the first time in its history, make grants available to help Springer people pay for advanced or experimental cancer therapies. Grants will be one-time, and will not exceed $1,000.00. The grant seeking process will be streamlined in order to make the process as simple and quick as possible.  A small review committee will process requests in the order received, responding as quickly as possible to each request. Veterinarians would provide a summary of the treatment(s) and result(s) to the Foundation’s Vice President of Science and Research.

The English Springer Spaniel Foundation seeks contributions in any amount to help with this effort; our initial fundraising goal is $40,000.00, though the effort will be ongoing. Funds will be used to establish the above five programs and to communicate quickly, effectively, and efficiently with the Springer community as the programs are implemented. 

The Foundation will establish a new fund (as it has established funds for PRA and Epilepsy research) and will provide an initial contribution of $10,000 to create the fund. 

Their future is in our hands.

 As an example of the way in which the Foundation can support English Springer Spaniels, their owners, and veterinarians who are dealing with this feared and still-mysterious disease and its treatment, Terry Patton has compiled an initial list of some of the available on line resources. Terry compiled this list while fighting the cancer battle with her beloved “James.”

Help finding a veterinary oncologist in your area to help with treatment of your dog.  Getting alternative opinions should you feel the need to get one.

This link for the Morris Animal Foundation gives a wealth of information on all of the most prevalent types of cancers in dogs.  It also lists funding that is being done as well as research projects that are ongoing regarding the various cancers.

This site helps with information on different types of treatments for various cancers, from traditional veterinary medical care to more holistic, natural remedies and the various costs associated with traditional care.  Also includes dietary information for dogs with cancer.

This is the link for the AKC Canine Health Information Center and DNA Repository.