Cancer Network Challenge


The Keystone Springer Club (Pennsylvania/New Jersey show club) has made a donation of $2500 to the Springer Foundation’s Cancer Fund. We have made this gift to start the ball rolling and are hoping that our gift will encourage and inspire all Springer clubs to participate.

While we realize that all clubs may not have the resources to make a large gift, all clubs have the imagination and the passion to find ways to support this important effort. We challenge you and your club to do all you can to support the Cancer Fund and be part of this campaign to provide significant research funds in the fight against cancer, which strikes field and show Springers without discrimination.

Cancer is threatening the lives of every living thing on the planet and our beloved Springers are no exception.  It has never been more important to donate funds toward the ESSFTA Cancer Fund to help find a cure for this terrible disease.  Cancer has taken many of our beloved Springers prematurely and is breaking the hearts of their devastated owners.   We cannot sit back and do nothing.

Now is the time for all Springer clubs and owners to help, in any way they can, to assist in helping to find a cure of this terrible disease.

Tom Faust, President

Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club

Please send your donations to:  MartiNickoli, Treasurer;  ESSFTA Foundation Cancer Fund; 5058 Charleston Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97317