The comprehensive English Springer Spaniel Health Survey is now available! Please go to the link to start the survey. Each dog you own requires a separate submission. The survey submissions are going to a third party; the Foundation will only get the data on the conditions reported. Some FAQs are posted on the Foundation website to answer many of the questions you may have, but please contact us if you have questions or problems with the survey.  The survey can be accessed at the following link

This survey will provide a “snapshot” of the breed since it includes healthy dogs as well as those diagnosed with various listed conditions. Please only report those conditions that were diagnosed by a veterinarian. In addition, there is a mortality section to track the cause of death (including old age) for Springers who died from January 2012 to the present. The results of this survey will allow the Foundation to determine what health studies to support or institute well into the future. The future health of our breed is in our hands – please support this effort by taking the survey. Thanks!

English Springer Spaniel Health Survey:  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of the survey is to get a complete look at the health of the breed in the United States (and Canada). This survey mirrors the survey conducted by the English Springer Spaniel Club in England several years ago. The results of our survey will also identify health concerns for future research.

  1. What is the need for the dog’s registration information? What if I don’t have it?

The registration information will be maintained by the University of Missouri for future health studies. This is especially important if the dog has a blood sample in the Springer DNA bank at the University. Registration information identifies DNA from a particular dog, for a specific future study. This is also the reason for owner contact information. If you do not have registration information, please take the survey regardless; that information is optional.

  1. Why do I need to provide owner contact information?

When the surveys are submitted, an employee of the University of Missouri will review the submission to determine if there are any questions regarding the submission. The owner might then be contacted for further information.

  1. Who developed the behavior section of the survey?

The behavior section was developed by Dr. Rachel Casey, Senior Lecturer on Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences, UK.

  1. I own a rescued dog. Should I take the survey?

Absolutely! The pedigree of the dog is not needed for this purpose (as it is for other genetic studies). Please answer all the questions that you can.

  1. I have a dog that died in the last 5 years. How do I provide additional information about the cause of death?

You can provide additional information in the space for “cause of death” or in the comment section that asks for other health or behavioral information about your dog.

  1. My dog has allergies but there isn’t a place to state details.

Please provide details in the comment section that asks for other health or behavioral information about your dog.

  1. My dog has ear infections or other health issues not diagnosed by a vet. Do I report them?

The survey requires that the conditions reported are those that have been diagnosed by a veterinarian. You can provide any additional information in the comment section.

  1. If I need to stop taking the survey and resume it later, can I do that?

Yes, you can. At the bottom of each page you have the option of saving and returning to the survey later. You will be asked to create a password to resume taking the survey. If you exit without doing this, you can simply start over.

  1. I have multiple dogs. Do I report them together?

Please fill out one survey for each dog. At the end of the survey, there is an option to start the survey again for a different dog.

Confidentiality:  No one associated with the English Springer Spaniel Foundation has any access to survey responses. Any identifying information with regard to dogs or owners will be maintained by the University of Missouri in complete confidence. Only the data with regard to the conditions reported will be provided to the Foundation.

Please visit the English Springer Foundation website at for more information about the Foundation’s important work, and how to support it.