04 May 2021
May 4, 2021

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

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Announcement from AKC/CHF:

Dear Kelly,

Each May, the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) marks Pet Cancer Awareness Month to recognize CHF-funded cancer research seeking better treatments, more accurate diagnoses, and an improved understanding of the mechanisms that cause cancer in dogs and humans.

Already in 2021, we have invested more than $850,000 in eleven new oncology grants. These studies will explore: the genes specific for oral melanoma development, canine mammary tumor-associated collagen networks and how they can be used to predict clinical outcomes, prevent cancer development, and inhibit residual tumor growth and metastasis following surgery, results of a clinical trial of combination chemotherapy for mast cell tumors, how soft tissue sarcomas and lymphoma resist the immune system and chemotherapy, novel therapies for and mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance in brain tumors, the link between lymphoma and environmental toxin exposure, the role of luteinizing hormone receptors in hemangiosarcoma, and more. Like us on Facebook as we share recent oncology grants and outcomes during Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Then visit akcchf.org/caninecancer for educational resources and more details about our commitment to canine oncology research.

Thanks to your support, CHF is investing in the fight against canine cancer!

Sincerely, ARF Signature Andrea Fiumefreddo
Director of Programs & Operations

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